Getting Started as an Online College Instructor

Panelists from Missouri Valley College (, Shorter University (, and Oakland City University ( discuss their transition to teaching courses online.

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White Supremacist Serial Killer Executed in Missouri

Convicted serial killer Joseph Paul Franklin, the man who famously shot Hustler Magazine founder Larry Flynt, was executed in Missouri. Deborah Gembara reports. . video,daily news,latest news, online schools,online colleges,masters degree,online mba,online classes,online courses,stock trading,auto insurance,life insurance

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WGU Missouri - The Career I Always Wanted

Governor Jay Nixon, Missouri employers and WGU Missouri graduates explain why this accredited online college is the preferred choice for busy adults seeking to gain their degree.

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Best 50 online college in usa Missouri State University # 27

Best 50 online college in usa Missouri State University # 27

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Mizzou Online, University of Missouri || Best Online Colleges in USA | World Top Colleges

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Mizzou Online: College Coed

Mizzou Online: "College Co-ed" takes on a whole new meaning for busy professionals earning their degrees online. But the works pays off...with a degree from the University of Missouri. There's nothing quite so special ... as a graduate from 'ole Mizzou!

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