Data Science MSc Course | City, University of London

Visa requirements

If you are not from the European Economic Area / Switzerland and you are coming to study in the UK, you may need to apply for a visa or entry clearance to come to the UK to study.

The way that you apply may vary depending on the length of your course. There are different rules for:

Students on courses of more than six months

Students on courses of less than six months


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Degree programs in the UK | About e-Learning


Masters  Programs

Management: Business administration (MBA), finance, accounting, operations, supply chain, international management, human resources, consumer marketing. Core MBA studies include strategy and management of people, resources, and change. Electives include investment, entrepreneurship, marketing, etc. The MBA program is accredited by the European Foundation for...

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RN to BSN Online – Alderson Broaddus University

Alderson Broaddus University.   Students are required to complete all graduation requirements for a bachelor's degree as specified in the Alderson Broaddus University Catalog.  Upon completion of 10 credits at Alderson Broaddus Universityin the nursing major and a grade point average of 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale), the student may receive 40 hours of credit toward the required 120 credits necessary...

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Reviews for Machine Learning from Udacity | Class Central

This class is offered as CS7641 at Georgia Tech where it is a part of the [Online Masters Degree (OMS)]( Taking this course here will not earn credit towards the OMS degree.

Machine Learning is a graduate-level course covering the area of Artificial Intelligence concerned with computer programs that modify and improve their performance through experiences.

The first...

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Online Master's in Criminal Justice Degree | University of ...

Corrections & Offender Rehabilitation

General Track (No Concentration)

The comprehensive 11-course curriculum is designed to help you understand the conceptual and theoretical frameworks that inform the study of crime and criminal justice, assess problems through a rigorous research approach, and conduct improved policy analysis. The program will also help you identify current trends in the areas...

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