2018 Paralegal Schools and Online Paralegal Programs Directory

University of Cincinnati

Ranked by the Philadelphia Business Journal as one of the Top 16 associate's degree programs, Highly regarded as a leader in paralegal education, the University of Cincinnati offers several programs in paralegal studies, including a bachelor's degree, a minor, and a professional certificate. The paralegal program at the University of Cincinnati prepares students through...

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50 Most Affordable Online Paralegal Degree Programs 2015

The leading guide to online paralegal degrees and certification

50 Most Affordable Online Paralegal Degree Programs 2015

October 2015

The following article highlights the 50 most affordable online paralegal degree programs.

According to the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics , the job outlook for paralegals and legal assistants is expected to increase 17 percent faster...

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2018 Best Online Colleges for Paralegal Degrees

Annual Tuition here, and the cost per credit, which is $496, and found here ." data-interactive="true">$17,360

Academic Strength 58%

Find an Online Degree:

Online Paralegal Degree Overview & Career Information

Paralegal studies programs are available at the associate, bachelor's, master's, and certificate levels, although the standard educational requirement for becoming a paralegal is an...

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Washington Online Learning Institute | Career Training and ...

Washington Online Learning Institute.

Certification from the accredited Washington Online Learning Institute will signify the student's achievement in both knowledge and competence. This program is available and recognized in all 50 States.

Job Outlook for Paralegal Graduates

Excellent. There are...

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Paralegal Schools | Online and Campus Paralegal Degree ...

Washington University School of Law offers an online Master of Legal Studies (MLS) degree.

Now, with the paralegal profession firmly established and the role expanding to include tasks that were once considered the exclusive domain of attorneys, formal education is a standard prerequisite for beginning a career as a paralegal and professional experience of some kind is a major plus.�In fact, it...

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Online Paralegal Training | ABA Approved | MTI College

FAFSA/Cal Grant School Code: 008680

Sacramento OnlinePlus Paralegal Training

MTI College » Sacramento Paralegal Program » Sacramento OnlinePlus Paralegal Training

Paralegal - OnlinePlus


The OnlinePlus format delivers the same course content as the traditional on-campus classroom format, featuring independent and team exercises designed to strengthen the same analytical and...

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Paralegal Degree Center - Criminal Justice Degree Schools

Criminal Justice Degree Schools features paralegal career, salary, and job growth information as well as a series of paralegal career interviews .

A paralegal certificate can help aspiring paralegals get started in the paralegal field and set them apart from other candidates by providing a recognized credential. Earning an associate's or bachelor's degree in paralegal studies or a related field...

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Ohio Online Graduate Certificate Programs - Graduate Schools

United States

Ohio Online Graduate Certificate Programs

Online Certificate programs may help on-the-go individuals build on their undergraduate experience, and expand their professional portfolio. A wide range of online graduate certificate programs are offered by accredited colleges and universities. From analytics and business management to psychology, IT and statistics, the diversity may help...

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Compare ABA Approved Online Paralegal Programs & Schools



As you can see, the prices for a paralegal classes can vary wildly. And most surprising is that accredited paralegal programs don't really run that much more. Especially considering a course as short as 14 weeks compared to one that runs for an entire year. Many of these colleges with flashy commercials stating that you can get a paralegal degree online in less than 4 months...

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Does Anthem College Online Have Valid Accreditation?

If you are someone who is searching for the perfect online college degree program to earn your degree through, at some point you may have encountered Anthem College Online.� The school claims to offer accredited college degrees that can be completed entirely online.� But is the school legit?� Is it truly accredited?� As it turns out, a simple yes or no cannot adequately answer these...

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Online Paralegal School - National Paralegal Certificate ...

Individual Paralegal Courses Online - 4-12 weeks

"I got my job offer as a corporate paralegal before my course was completed. I work with a team of corporate paralegals for a major international finance company and another paralegal on staff was also taking paralegal classes at the same time as me. She was using an onsite program from a local school

that is highly regarded. I was able to study...

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Online Legal and Business Studies - Degree and Certificate ...

national paralegal college

Nationally Accredited Online Legal and Business Studies

NPC has been a leader in online paralegal education since 2003, educating thousands of students in their pursuit of career enhancement and professional development.

Receive a 2-week no-cost trial enrollment by completing our school application and discover for yourself why, in a survey of our students, reviewed by our accrediting agency, nearly all of those surveyed responded that they were "satisfied with their studies at NPC and...

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Notary Public & Legal Support Network Blog: Approved ...

The Paralegal Institute -- an accredited two year college that offers various paralegal and criminal justice related programs. One of the oldest and most respected paralegal schools in the country.

Washington Online Learning Institute -- This school is regionally accredited and offers many programs relating to paralegal studies. The only downfall about this school is that they're fairly new. For all we know, the school might go out of business in a year or two. (Note: "fairly new" in this context = under 10 years old).

Blackstone Career Institute -- This school is...

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ABA Approved Paralegal Schools and Education Programs

Washington University School of Law offers an online Master of Legal Studies (MLS) degree.

But not so fast.

ABA approval of paralegal programs didn't take off quite like it did for law school programs and today, only about 22 percent of the more than 1,200 paralegal programs in the US hold ABA approval. This isn't necessarily because the other 78 percent don't meet ABA-approval guidelines; it...

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Accreditation List - Accredited Online Colleges

Accreditation is the process that a university, school or business goes through to verify competency, credibility and standing in their field of expertise or profession.

Within an academic setting, accreditation means that the future graduates will have met the educational requirements for their field or profession. Both beyond and within an academic setting, accreditation instills comfort and...

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Paralegal Schools in North Carolina - NC | Paralegal ...

Paralegal Schools in North Carolina

We know there's no shortage of opportunities for legal support staff in large metro areas, but in North Carolina paralegals also have a strong presence in small town firms and court systems. In fact, in 2016 the US Department of Labor reported that rural Piedmont employs the highest number of paralegals of all non-metro areas in the nation.

Maybe you're looking...

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10 Most Affordable Online Medical Billing and Coding ...

10 Most Affordable Online Medical Billing and Coding Certificates and Diplomas

The role of a trained medical biller and coder cannot be underestimated. The accurate and prompt assignment of ICD-10 (International Classification of Diseases) and CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) codes is key to the accuracy of patient records and reimbursement.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this...

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Cheapest Online Colleges for Associates Degrees

Cheap online associates degrees are not hard to find, but many of them aren't even worth whatever little tuition they charge. An affordable associates degree program is a good thing, but not if it is of poor quality or lacks accreditation and respect in the marketplace.

Featured Schools

For our list of the cheapest online colleges for associates degrees we took into consideration quality,...

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Cheap Online Colleges: 10 Best Values - College Values Online

Cheap Online Colleges: 10 Best Values

Cheap Online Colleges: 10 Best Values

In this ranking, we examine the best values among cheap online colleges.

One of the reasons people often choose to attend college online is because it is a more affordable option than traditional school. You can save money by living at home, avoiding lengthy - and sometimes costly - commutes, and opting for cost-effective...

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U.S. Paralegal Degrees & Careers | School Search

Criminal Justice Paralegal Programs

(found programs from 462 schools)

Welcome to the most complete directory on the Web of Paralegal programs. It contains all the nationally accredited programs, from 462 schools across the country.

show all schools

Lawyers would have a lot of trouble getting anything done without the help of a trusty paralegal. From conducting valuable research in legal cases to...

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2018 Paralegal Degree Information: Online and On-Campus ...

Paralegal Internship/Externship

Obtaining Your Degree

The education process starts out with finding out admissions standards. Some paralegal programs at universities such as NYU require students to have several college credits under their belts. Other programs at four-year schools require students to have a bachelor's degree. Community colleges and most online programs do not require students to...

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Top Online Certifications & Certificate Programs

Receiving your online certification through distance learning is rapidly becoming a popular, alternative education choice for those ready to pursue their careers dreams, those wishing to advance their present skills and even those considering a total career change. Since those first efforts at using the computer to create a virtual learning environment in the early 1960s, technological...

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How to Become a Paralegal in Ontario - ON | Paralegal ...

According to Employment Ontario, the job prospects for paralegals in the province are good, with job opportunities for paralegals projected to grow between 2009 and 2013. They attribute this to changes in regulations, growth in the utilization of paralegals by both lawyers and the public, and specialization within the field. As of the 2006 Canadian census, 17,265 paralegals were employed in...

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Online Continuing Education Courses at The Paralegal Institute

Home » Online Distance Learning Programs » Personal Development Courses

The Paralegal Personal Development course offerings are specifically for The Paralegal Institute's graduates. We trust you are satisfactorily progressing in your career as a paralegal and that your studies at The Paralegal Institute are continuing to enhance your career. As you know, all professional paralegals are either encouraged or mandated to continue their education. Several states have mandatory...

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Paralegal Programs in Canada | Schools by Province

Paralegal education is not standardized, even within a province. As educational requirements vary from law firm to law firm, the Canadian Association of Paralegals (CAP) recommends contacting potential employers to determine the standards for their firm. Some employers may be willing to train paralegals, whereas others will want employees to have an educational background that would supplement...

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