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Self-Paced Online College Courses & Degree Programs

Self-paced online courses are offered by multiple online colleges offering students flexibility in earning a college degree. Courses are taken at the pace set by an individual. Timelines for finishing self-paced online courses are generally very lenient. These courses are designed to help individuals with busy schedules complete their degrees without the worry of exam dates and overdue...

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Accredited Online Medical Assistant Programs 2018 - EDsmart

Provide information to patients regarding diets, treatments, and procedures

Prepare patients for x-rays, exams, and other procedures

Sterilize and arrange medical equipment

Distribute medications

Remove stitches

Training for Certified Medical Assistants

Those interested in becoming a certified medical assistant have two basic educational paths to choose from: certificate/diploma or associate's...

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The 62 Most Affordable Online MBA Programs for 2017

School of Business and Economics

Fayetteville, North Carolina

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102 No GMAT Online MBA Programs [2018 Rankings]

This page is broken into two sections for ease of use

List of the five most affordable online MBA programs no-GMAT required

A comprehensive list of 102 online MBA programs that don't require the GMAT (frequently updated)

Note to universities: If your school offers an online MBA no-GMAT required option, please email with program details and we will add it to our list and will adjust rankings as needed.

All data came from the...

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Top 10 Community Colleges in Los Angeles 2015-2016

Graduation and Transfer Rate: 55%

Student Population: 13,632 (2013)

Off campus with family: $19,398

Off campus: $7,842

Off Campus with family:$24,102

Off campus: $12,546

Irvine Valley College sits up top with a solid 55% graduation and transfer rate. With a student population of over 13,000 students, the high transfer rate translates into a lot of students making their goal of entering...

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24 Online Colleges that Offer Free Laptops & iPads in 2018

West Liberty University

Laptop Program Types

There are several laptop program options that colleges offer their students. Here are the three most common types with their explanations.

Loaner Laptops

Students are given to laptops to use while they are enrolled at the school. The laptops must be returned upon graduation, transfer, or leaving the school. The laptop is not technically free to own,...

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The 15 Best Community Colleges in California | 2015-2016

As a small college with mountains of opportunities, Feather River Community College is nestled on the side of a forested mountain. The 256-acre is literally home to wildlife (deer), and makes education a beautiful prospect in this unique setting. Removed...

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