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Online Computer Science Degrees |

Online CS Degrees by Level: Where to Start

Before diving into one of the numerous computer science programs, it's wise to evaluate factors like available time and finances, certainty about future plans, and level of skills and technical experience. Students with questions about career goals, or with a basic knowledge of computing, could pursue an associate degree at a community college or other...

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Information Technology (IT) Degree - Computer Science Online

Checklist for Success

The information technology field is a fast-changing, exciting profession that demands a workforce armed with the technological know-how to work with computer systems, the critical thinking skills to solve technical problems, and the intellectual curiosity to stay abreast of industry trends. From associate to doctorate, IT degree programs prepare students for these rewarding...

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Computer Science Online | Computer Science Education & Careers

Earning Your Computer Science Degree Online

Computer science degrees are in high demand, largely due to ample and high-paying job prospects. It's no surprise, then, that computer science degrees are some of the most popular offerings in the world of online learning. Degree programs, from associate to doctoral, are plentiful. Some programs allow students to combine the coursework of a bachelor's...

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Explore Computer Science Careers |

Other CS-Related Jobs 1%

Network and Systems Administration 7%

Nevertheless, no matter what specific area of interest a computer scientist prefers, the job market going forward looks promising when compared to employment statistics across the entire job spectrum. The BLS predicts an 18 percent job growth in computer-related occupations compared to 11 percent for all occupations in total.

Below is...

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Online Computer Forensics Degree - Computer Science

Senior Seminar in Digital Forensics


A research-based course. Students prepare projects based on discussions and learnings from previous coursework.

Mobile Forensic Analysis

Students learn how to analyze and examine data from mobile devices.

File Forensics

Students explore how to analyze information as it relates to file system structures and use.

Forensics Internship or Elective

Students choose...

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Campus & Online Associate Degrees in Computer Science


Scholarships for Computer Science Associate Degree Students

Students fresh out of high school with little or no work experience can find paying for college tricky. Those interested in an associate degree in computer science can find myriad scholarship opportunities, no matter where they earn their degree.

AFCEA Cyber Security Sponsors - Students pursuing a degree in cyber security, cyber...

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Online CS Courses - Computer Science

Computer Engineering

Computer engineering refers to the integration of electronic engineering and the digital world. It is often confused with computer science, but is its own distinct field. Computer engineers are educated to design both software and firmware, and integrate them into new and existing...

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