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Most Affordable Schools for Online Masters Degree Programs

This is more than a ranking of the cheapest online master's degree programs. Online universities with the cheapest tuition are not always the most affordable options in the long run. The cheapest online master's degree may not be worth anything at all if its not from an accredited online school that employers recognize and trust. That's why for this ranking of the cheapest online universities for online master's degrees we only considered accredited online colleges with a broad selection of online master's degrees and a good reputation.

#1. Western Governors University

Western...  [more...]

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Cheapest Colleges in America: List of Cheap Universities ...

List of cheap universities in the USA. What are the cheapest colleges in America? This cheap colleges list starts with the least expensive universities on top. These are the cheapest colleges of the 4 year variety, both cheap private colleges and affordable large universities. It does...  [more...]

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whats the quickest, cheapest way to get a degree online ...

i need to get a bachelor's degree, and i work about 50 hours a week. online courses are the only way i can think of to get a degree. i did a few courses about 6 years ago an the local community college, but im not really expecting any of the credits to transfer. any good tips?

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An online degree is an academic degree (generally a college/university degree, offering range of professional degrees,...  [more...]

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